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Established in 2005, Shenyang Canta Medical Tech. Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of oxygen concentrator products in China.We have 15 offices and 32 agents domestically. We also have a factory occupying more than 3,000 square meters.manned by 150 employees to make our production capacity to hit 2,000 units every month....

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Oxygen is an essential element in the maintenance of human life. In the hospital, oxygen-enriched air is a guarantee for the treatment of people. Canta Medical provides a PSA oxygen system that meets national standards to provide the necessary conditions for a large-scale hospital oxygen system


Canta oxygen machine, low noise, flow control, let you enjoy the joy of oxygen therapy at home, for dyspnea, the elderly, asthma, etc., easy to operate, portable, can monitor blood oxygen concentration, concentration alarm system


The canta oxygen machine can provide your pet with the right concentration of oxygen to alleviate their pain and let them better understand your love for your pet.When your pet is very weak, proper oxygen therapy may bring them back to life.


The oxygen system of the Canta Oxygen Machine provides a solution that is superior to traditional supply methods for oxygen-rich environments and oxidation processes. The PSA oxygen system based on on-site oxygen generation eliminates transportation costs and cumbersome purchase procedures.


The canta oxygen generator can promote metabolism, promote blood circulation, help to enhance skin elasticity and smoothness, and delay skin aging. Oxygen inhalation can reduce dark under-eye circles, paleness, wrinkles, etc. caused by organ lesions.


The oxygen volume content decreases with increasing altitude. In order to ensure the oxygen supply in special conditions such as the plateau, a professional oxygen system is required to provide oxygen to meet the normal breathing requirements of human beings.

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Undoubtedly, oxygen is highly beneficial, and now with the availability of portable oxygen concen