V5-W-NS Dual Flow


V5 459-659$ V10 739-939$

Both CE and FDA certificates, double flow, purity oxygen 7/24 still working

High Purity Dual Flow Oxygen concentrator for skincare

ITEM: V5 Nebulizer


Flow Rate: 1-5L

Power: 350/480W
Sound Level: ≤40/45dB

Concentration: 93 ± 3%
Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.08 MPA

Weight: 21/24Kg

Size: 390×337×620 MM(L*W*H)

Certificates: CE; ISO13485; Free Sale


Standard Functions:

Big LCD display the accumulated working hours and the present working hours.

Timing Function for working hours control.

Bacteria filter inside keep away most bacteria in air.

Intelligent Self Diagnosis System provides light and sound alarming, with data indicating on LCD the detail failures, include: Over Heat; High Pressure; Power Failure; Atomizing Function (Nebulizer)



Big displacement Compressor, keep 30% longer life-span than other brand domestic products.

Most quiet in China.

Long time continue working, up to 3,000 hours a time.

Ariable current control technology is energy-saving 20%.


We have 3L, 5L Standard and 5L Quietlife types too, subject to your demand.


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