Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow


V5 459-659$ V10 739-939$


High-Grade Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

On December 26, 2005, Shenyang Canta Medical Tech. Co., Ltd was founded in China. We are the leading dual flow oxygen concentrator in China. We have 15 offices in China with 32 staff. Our clientele refer to us as the best oxygen therapy suppliers in China since we became an ecological enterprise. Our products are available in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, among other 30 nations and regions. Among the Chinese top-level companies, we are quite known as an oxygen concentrator dual flow supplier.

Why Our Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator?

Canta makes dual flow oxygen concentrators with big displacement compressors and imported molecular sieves to assure a 20,000-hour lifespan. We are constantly working to bring and implement strategic transformation in order to provide health solutions to people who have sleeping, breathing or other medical problems. Our plant is 3000 square meters in size, with 150 employees and a monthly output of 2000 units. Our dual flow oxygen concentrator is not only known in China but also in the other 30 countries. Because all of our goods are CE and FDA authorized, we can be trusted.

Qualities of Our Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow

Adjustable Flowrate

There is an option of adjusting the oxygen flow rate in our dual flow oxygen concentrator. 

High Oxygen Purity

Due to our imported molecular sieves, our oxygen purity is above 90%. This makes our the best oxygen concentrator dual flow. 

Big Displacement Compressor

Our big displacement compressor provides a longer lifespan of our oxygen concentrator dual flow as compared to other companies’ products. 

Volume :5L
Both CE and FDA certificates, double flow, purity oxygen 7/24 still working

High Purity Dual Flow Oxygen concentrator for skincare


ITEM: V5 Nebulizer



Flow Rate: 1-5L

Power: 350/480W
Sound Level: ≤40/45dB

Concentration: 93 ± 3%
Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.08 MPA

Weight: 21/24Kg

Size: 390×337×620 MM(L*W*H)

Certificates: CE; ISO13485; Free Sale


Standard Functions:

Big LCD display the accumulated working hours and the present working hours.

Timing Function for working hours control.

Bacteria filter inside keep away most bacteria in air.

Intelligent Self Diagnosis System provides light and sound alarming, with data indicating on LCD the detail failures, include: Over Heat; High Pressure; Power Failure; Atomizing Function (Nebulizer)



Big displacement Compressor, keep 30% longer life-span than other brand domestic products.

Most quiet in China.

Long time continue working, up to 3,000 hours a time.

Ariable current control technology is energy-saving 20%.


We have 3L, 5L Standard and 5L Quietlife types too, subject to your demand.

Nebulizer double flow quality factory oxygen concentrator psa purity oxygen 7/24 still working CE FDA ISO approve


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