Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Producing System

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Volume :HGD-10, HGD-20, HGD-30
For cylinders filling or hospital oxygen central system
Specifications Notes
Model No. HGD-60 ——
O2 Flow 60N/h ——
O2 Purity 942% ——
O2 Discharge Pressure 150 Bar (or 200 bar) Adjustable
Voltage and Frequency 380 V 3P  60HZ ——
O2 Dew Point -70℃ Atmospheric
Mode of operation Full automatic ——
Item Name Quantity
Air Compressing &Air Purification System Screw Air Compressor 1 Set
Air Buffer Tank 1 Set
 Filters 1Set
Refrigerated Dryer 1 Set
Air Tank
PSA Oxygen Generating System PSA Oxygen Generator 1 Set

coordinated control system

1 Set
O2 Buffer Tank 1 Set
Oxygen Compressing System  Oxygen Booster 1 Set
Filling station 1 Set

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