High Altitude Diffused Oxygen Conentrator BT20

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 High altitude diffused oxygen conentrator BT20
Items Parameter
Model BT20
Altitide 4800 meters
Power    1100W
Working voltage AC220V±10%
Rated oxygen flowrate 20L/min
Oxygen purity ≧90%
Outlet pressure 40±10 kPa
Rated air flowrate 70L/min
Air outlet pressure 45±4 kPa
Noise level ≤60dB
Dimension of device 750×400×690
Net Weight 71kg


High altitude diffused oxygen conentrator BT20

High altitude diffused oxygen conentrator can be used in plateau with altitude of 4800 meters.

It is suitable for locations like offices, schools, hotels, office buildings, and plateau sentry. Such kind of enclosed or semi-enclosed hypoxic places need to be improved. HG20 can produce oxygen and Increase density, in order to improve inner environment. Imported high quality molecular sieve, oil-free compressor, metal shell, to make sure the duration still good enough outside . Its stable performance can provide sufficient oxygen inside. Separate installation design, install oxygen generator outdoor , oxygen control terminal indoor, in order to save energy and cause low noise. The control terminal can present altitude, concentration, temperature, humidity. Multiple functions such as humidification, purification, diffusion mode, and oxygen absorption mode and be realized in one device.

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